Client Reviews And Testimonials

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Our testimonials are from clients that we have had long term working relationships with who you can contact to discuss the high level of communication, workmanship and commitment to completion of every project, for all our customers.


February 2011

“RB Construction has been doing work for me for a number of years. Raul has managed a variety of remodeling
projects at my business and residence. We recently did a major remodel of my Chiropractic office which included painting, flooring and plumbing. Raul did a quality job for us while managing to maintain an extremely clean and tidy
work area. We were very impressed with the courtesy he gave our business and clients, by performing his work with
minimal disruption to the operation of our business. Thank you for your excellent service.”

Palomar Village Chiropractic Clinic

Temecula, CA

October 2011

“Raul, thank you so much for filling in the gaps. As a capable do-it-yourselfer, one who prides themselves on doing things right the first time with attention to the detail, you impressed me. During the process of remodeling my home,
I found that my construction skills and knowledge were not enough to complete my project. Thanks to your guidance, recommendations, knowledge and carpentry skills my bathroom remodel is perfect; you completed it within budget, on-time and exactly the way I expected it to look like.”

Douglas Klein

Temecula, CA

January 2012

“Thank you for all the excellent work you performed for our winery, it is very much appreciated!

We were pleasantly surprised and relieved to find one person who could perform so many different trades. We had a great deal of deferred maintenance that needed to be done; upgrading, repairing and replacing electrical, plumbing, roofing, and concrete. You also helped us with props used at our wedding functions and a number of other projects.We were very impressed with your work, it was excellent and you were able to handle any of our requests no matter how large or small. We found your fees reasonable for a licensed, insured and bonded general contractor. Thank you so much for all your help, looking forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Maurice Car’rie Winery

Temecula, CA

March 2012

“For a very long time I’ve always wanted something special to frame the long driveway to entrance of our home in the country and replace the less than attractive rusted, crocked chain link fence than enclosed the area around our house. I have been reluctant to do this project for a number of reasons. Part of my hesitation in proceeding with getting this done was my uncertainty in hiring a contractor. I knew it would be an expensive investment, so I wanted to make sure that when I hired someone to do it they could see my vision, work within my budget and would do the project in a timely manner. I had heard horror stories about contractors not completing jobs, never showing up on time and not doing quality work. My long anticipated fear never materialized thanks to Raul & the RB Construction Team. I am happy to say that I was fortunate enough to escape the nightmares of construction. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of the RB Construction team I was able to save some money and get my project completed exactly the way I wanted it. My new exterior hardscape is beautiful. Raul, your guidance and recommendations on the style of the pilasters & the lighting is greatly appreciated. The new fencing looks amazing, it’s straight, it’s pretty and it frames our home beautifully. Despite your years of experience I sincerely felt that my project meant more than just another job for you. Your experience presented valuable suggestions and recommendations that kept me within my budget without compromising the overall esthetics and quality of the work.”

Anne Williams

Aguanga, CA

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